7 things to do in Liechtenstein

by | Mar 16, 2023

If you want to go to Liechtenstein, I’ve got you covered. I visited this small, landlocked country — and had a great time. I boiled it down to 7 things you should probably do when you’re there.

1. Where to stay in Vaduz
The capital city. It has the most to do in terms of restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing. There’s a fancy hotel: Park Hotel Sonnenhof that has beautiful vista views (and a remarkable restaurant, see next section). Or go with Hotel Vaduzerhof or something budget.

2. Good Restaurants

Restaurant Marée – at the Park Hotel Sonnenhof, and it has an exquisite food, tasting menu, and first class service.

Altenbach – Good food, trendy vibe except for the smokers inside. Delicious Schnitzel. My waiter was in college, and said that one day he’ll inherit his father’s metal trading business. (If you wanted anecdotal evidence that this country has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world)

New Castle – Where the locals eat. Get the Schnitzel. Kind of smoky inside.

I didn’t go to Schlossle Mahal, the Indian restaurant, but the menu looked good.

3. Check out these museums

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein – Contemporary art museum with a delicious sushi restaurant in the lobby.

Liechtenstein National Museum – A fascinating look at the history of this country and its royal family. It has a special exhibit on football and World Cup history.

Schatzkammer Liechtenstein – Also known as the Treasure Chamber where you can see the royal family crown, jewels. It’s one dark room with a guard but the jeweled eggs sparkle brilliantly.

I also enjoyed the Postal Museum, but I enjoy learning about stamps and coins.

4. The Castle

It’s worth hiking up to the castle in Vaduz even though it’s closed to the public. You’ll get a great view of Vaduz and the surrounding landscape.

5. Schaan

A town just a few minutes drive from Vaduz. Has more of an industrial vibe. Walk around downtown and meet the locals. Try Restaurant Lio.

6. Vineyards

Check out Castellum Vineyard, which is a lovely vineyard that I heard about but wasn’t able to make it. Here’s the official copy: “Castellum Vineyard in Eschen produces red wines, white wines, rosé wines, sweet wines and spirits. It also sells home-made cheeses, sausages and elderflower cordial.”

7. Vögeli Alpenhotel Malbun

It’s worth the drive to Malbun, a ski resort town nestled into the mountains. I went to this hotel (via plenty of switch back roads) to get some local food such as Kässpätzle (which was hard to find elsewhere). I stayed away from the Mexican food on the menu and had an interesting conversation with the Brazilian lady who works there.


Traveling around Europe reminded me when I lived in the UK for graduate school. I basically lived on the road and backpacked across the continent. I wish I had blogged my many travels back then. But it’s never late too start.