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by | May 12, 2024

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Today we honor the expert in …

  • Finding lost items
  • Embarrassing childhood stories
  • Unconditional love!

Happy Mother’s Day,


Seven Point Sunday – May 12

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Noel Quinn. CEO of HSBC who is retiring to pursue a … portfolio career. “Now is the right time for me to get a better balance between my personal and business life.”

⚡️ Productivity

Consider SecBrain – Remember everything. Record audio, & A.I. will swiftly generate an icon, title, summary, optimize the text, & categorize it with tags. You can then make further edits.

💰 Capital

Consider VICI Properties. A REIT that invests mostly in the Los Vegas strip, landlord to large hotels/brands. This thesis: Fast growth yet flat share price. But a 6% dividend while waiting for upside.

📚 Books

Read Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind by Dr. Georgia Ede. Reveals that the most powerful way to change brain chemistry is with food, because that’s where brain chemicals come from in the first place.

🎵 Music

Listen to Playing with The Big Boys by Ben Yarmolinsky. One of the most innovative solo guitar albums you’ll come across. He deftly creates & performs variations of familiar pieces by Beethoven, Chopin, and Puccini. Brilliant & well-crafted. Favorites: “Ellington & Yarmolinsky: Variations on Solitude” & “Sally, Sally.”

Lil Jon & I dropped our 2nd album, Manifest Abundance: Affirmations for Personal Growth. You know… for when you want to manifest your dreams like that new job or making the perfect chicken salad sandwich.

📽️ Film

Watch Frida directed by Carla Gutierrez. Magical journey into the life of iconic artist Frida Kahlo, told through her own words from diaries, letters, essays, and interviews. Vividly brought to life with lyrical animation inspired by her unforgettable artwork.

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