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by | May 5, 2024

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Pro Tools vs. Ableton?

At least Ableton doesn’t hijack your soundcard while you’re trying to watch YouTube tutorials on how to make binaural beats. Or yummy okra fry.

But should I upgrade to 12? 🤑


Seven Point Sunday – May 5

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Barry Zito. Former Major League Baseball player & Cy Young winner is a country artist whose album debuted on the Billboard chart.

⚡️ Productivity

Consider Magnific – Upscale your images. Leverage AI to achieve high-res upscaling. You can reimagine as many details as you wish guided by your own prompts.

💰 Capital

Consider Visa. Credit card & payment company may be trading at a discount. This thesis: “Offers a one-two punch of growth/dividend growth and value.”

📚 Books

Read The Conquering Creative by William Warren. “Any creative person who wants to make a living doing their creative thing must not only be good at their craft, but also good at the BUSINESS of their craft. This doesn’t come naturally to most creatives,” he says. Insightful guide that features several sketches by author.

🎵 Music

Listen to Bossa+ by Sergio Pereira. Brazilian composer/guitarist new album with feel good vibes. Smooth, lyrical solos that take you on a journey. Favorites: “Montgo” (he sings while soloing!) & “Bossa.”

📽️ Film

Watch The Eagle Huntress directed by Otto Bell. The story of a Mongolian teenage girl who attempts to become the first female eagle hunter to compete in the eagle festival at Ulgii, Mongolia.

📷 Photo

Cucumbers need love too.

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