On celebrity phone usage

by | Apr 30, 2024

Could you ditch your phone?

Some of the biggest music celebrities have done just that.

Justin Bieber opts for an iPad & checks in every morning with his management company to see what’s cooking. He tries to reduce the number of folks who can contact him.

Ed Sheeran reportedly hasn’t been a regular phone use since 2015.

“I got really overwhelmed and sad with a phone…I have friends email and people email, and every few days I’ll sit down and open up my laptop, and I’ll answer 10 emails at a time,” he said.

Simon Cowell laments waking up to 50 text messages every morning.

When you reach a certain level of fame & status, the requests are nonstop.

Every time you look at your device, there is another ask.

These celebrities aim to limit the constant interruptions and reachability that come with smartphones.

They still want to stay connected but on their own terms.

There are lessons to be learned from these folks, such as reducing contact with the world while still remaining accessible through alternate means like email or Wi-Fi.

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