How Cindy Manages Multiple Careers (Radio Host, Author, Composer, Spiritual Teacher)

by | Oct 5, 2020

Meet Cindy Paulos. She is a renowned multiple careerist who lives in Maui. She has a familiar voice to Hawaiians as she has been a radio broadcaster for years, interviewing thousands of people to date. In addition, she is a prolific author who explores the nexus of spirituality, peace, and faith in her writings. I’ve known her for several years, and I find that her books and music are like spiritual balms that help to bring mental stillness and tranquility. I want to profile her to illustrate how someone can be incredibly productive while also maintaining equanimity.

Cindy’s Careers

  • Radio broadcaster who has helped to found six radio stations in Maui and one in Sedona
  • Interviewer who has conducted 15,000 interviews and over a thousand podcasts
  • Authored 6 books
  • Composer and lyricist. She’s written 36 Songs, created 175 spoken word recordings, and released 11 albums
  • Spiritual teacher, a metaphysical minister with a doctorate in metaphysical science

On her motivations to have many careers

“Connecting to Spirit and the Creator in Meditation. There are so many wonderful ways to connect to people and inspire others.”

How long she’s been a multi-careerist 

“I’ve had most all these careers for over 30 years.”

Advice for those who aspire to have many careers

“Focus on what you love and follow the path that brings you joy.”

On overcoming obstacles

“The hardest thing for me is finding time and money to market projects. I do the best I can and find it usually works out in end. I try not to sweat the small stuff.”

On how multiple careers are mutually beneficial

“Meditation helps with my spiritual teaching and inspiration for writing. It gives me the inspiration I need for everything I do. In broadcasting, having a radio station to do professional recording helps with creating podcasts. It also helps to get the music I love out there. Meditation helps with my spiritual teaching and inspiration for writing.”

On managing personal time

“I have a routine I have done for years. I get up at 4 am to meditate for an hour and eight minutes minutes, then I write. Then Yoga. Then social media. Then Radio work and interviews. Then afternoon work on writing book. Swim everyday and walk in evening. I try to not work at night. So by 5 try to chill with partner, watch some movies. It helps and hurts that I work with my significant other. So we are around each other a lot.”

What she wishes she knew earlier

“To focus more, and not allow distractions. Also have learned how important relationship building is.”

On overcoming the stigma of many careers

“I sometimes think some people want to box you in and think of you as just having one career. Often, the one that makes you the most money. I try to express what I care about on social media. I’m doing what I’m doing for the love of it, so creating what I love matters most.”

A Day In the Life

  • 4 am – wake up, make chai, meditate
  • 5:30 – write
  • 6:30 – yoga
  • 7 – check emails
  • 8 am – go to work
  • 9 am – record radio shows
  • 10 am to 1 pm – radio sales
  • 2 pm – somedays more live radio shows
  • 3 pm – swim
  • 4 pm – walk
  • 5 pm – Post any radio shows to podcast or write
  • 5:30 – PAU (Hawaiian for Finished)

Where to find Cindy


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