7PS: Thursday Nights 📅💃

by | Dec 11, 2022

This edition: 354 words & 2 minutes to read.

In personal news: I’m the Thursday night DJ at Spaceman in Atlanta. 

I need a hip DJ name. Some I’m considering:

-DJ Kabir (what I’m going with for now)

Seven Point Sunday – December 11, 2022


💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Jim Combs. Musician, producer, retail sales, technology consultant. “Working from home has actually been a godsend.” Daily schedule: large latte, client work, clean dishes, work-in-attic, family time. 

⚡️ Productivity

Consider HabitBull. I use this app every day. Break bad habits like smoking & nail biting. I get a dopamine hit when I check off my daily tasks such as (1) take vitamins, (2) practice guitar, (3) meditate. 

💰 Money

Consider Campbell Soup (CPB). Up ~30% this year. As a recession looms, consumers keep buying tomato soup. The firm mitigated rising input costs by increasing prices. Volumes have dropped but net income is up. The company increased it’s sales growth guidance (from 4-6% to 7-9%).  


📚 Books

Read Fandango at the Wall by Kabir Sehgal (hi!). I wrote this book as a primer on US-Mexico relations. Learn about the diplomatic history of these countries, environment of borderlands, & migration trends. Go behind the scenes on what it took to pull off our epic project (some “passionate” exchanges). This book is one of the few (only?) that explores NAFTA & Mexican folk (son jarocho) music.


🎵 Music

Listen to Aspire by Seunghee Lee, JP Jofre, London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Enrico Fagone. Gorgeous symphonic album with reimaginations of Astor Piazzolla & Heitor Villa-Lobos, among others. Seunghee’s virtuosic clarinet will inspire you & the lush arrangements will envelope you. My favorite tracks: “Tango Etude No. 3” & “Como el Agua.”

📽️ Film

Watch The Queen of Basketball directed by Ben Proudfoot. Electrifying portrait of Lucy Harris, who scored the first basket in women’s Olympic history & was the first/only woman officially drafted into the NBA. Harris has remained largely unknown – until now. Academy Award winner, & timely with Brittney Griner‘s release. 


📷 Photo

Fandango at the Wall recording session.