AI Prompt: Create a backstory

by | Jun 1, 2024

I suggest AI prompts that help creators (artists, authors, entrepreneurs, etc.)

Copy and paste the below prompt into ChatGPT.

Tailor to your needs.



Guide me in crafting a compelling backstory for a [specify details: song, poem, painting] I’m conceptualizing which merges [insert details] with [insert details]. Help me weave themes from both into a narrative that adds meaning and depth.

With specifics

Guide me in crafting a compelling backstory for a song I’m conceptualizing which merges the themes of longing and hope, set against the backdrop of a coastal town. Help me weave these themes into a narrative that adds meaning and depth.


Title: “Tides of Tomorrow”


In a quaint coastal town, where the ocean’s whispers echo through narrow streets and the salty breeze carries stories of old, there lives a young dreamer named Elena. Every day, she gazes at the horizon, longing for a future that seems just out of reach. Her heart is filled with hope and a burning desire to explore the world beyond the waves.

The song “Tides of Tomorrow” captures Elena’s journey of longing and hope as she navigates the tides of life.

The verses speak of her quiet moments by the shore, where she confides in the sea, sharing her dreams and fears. The chorus swells with the promise of tomorrow, a brighter day where her aspirations will be realized. The bridge reflects the town’s timeless beauty and the deep connection Elena feels to her roots, even as she yearns for new adventures.

The melody, a blend of gentle acoustic guitar and the rhythmic sound of waves, evokes the serene yet powerful force of the ocean, mirroring Elena’s inner strength and unwavering hope.

This song invites listeners to embrace their own dreams, to find solace in the journey, and to believe in the possibilities that lie just beyond the horizon. “Tides of Tomorrow” is a testament to the enduring spirit of hope and the transformative power of longing.