Edition #19 – Stef Mariani answers 7 questions

by | Jun 3, 2022

1. Why are you a musician?

I was born into several generations of music creators and performers. Making sense of experiences using music is more something that I am, versus something that I do. My creations are primarily intuitively driven. I have the ability to see old things in a new light and to create a sense of comfort through the expression of music.

2. Who are your musical inspirations?

My mother. I also love artists she loved like Crosby, Stills & Nash, Linda Ronstadt & Joni Mitchell. I also love soul music & good old rock and roll.

3. What is your practice routine?

To prepare myself each day I center my heart and make sure that I have everything I need. Singing and playing guitar are the antidote to pretty much anything that ails me and I am able to pass this along to the planet.

4. Why did you make this album?

Use My Imagination
By Stef Mariani

I sat down and wrote the words and music to “Use My Imagination” in March 2022 in about 5 minutes after seeing media footage of people sending their loved ones off to war in the Ukraine. My heart was breaking for them. The song was born out of a desire to let those people know that they are loved and we are united in our sadness over on the other side of the world in the Hawaiian Islands.

5. What were the biggest obstacles in making this song? 

Believe it or not, my greatest obstacle I needed to overcome in writing this song was allowing my myself to feel my feelings, rather than pushing the discomfort of them away. Once I acknowledged them I as able to release them in this song, and share myself with the world.

6. Who is featured on the album?

I have an incredible 2 man team that accompanied me on instrumentation, co produced, arranged, record & engineer within 72 hours of its inception, maintaining the utmost purity and intention of the song.

  • Lonnie Park (New York)
  • Dave Tucciarone (Honolulu, Hawaii)

7. Where may we find you online?