7 things to do in Zagreb

by | Jul 7, 2023

The Balkans have long fascinated me. I grew up hearing about the conflicts among Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo. Yet I could hardly place them on a map. It wasn’t until I started learning world history in school that I realized the import of this region.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Zagreb. I boiled everything down to 7 things you should probably do.

1. Take a tour

Guided Tour – Zagreb is a walking city. Hire a guide for ~70 Euros to show you around and quickly get up to speed on the place. After you get your bearings, then you can visit some of the museums on your own.

2. Restaurants

Dubravkin Put – Fancy restaurant with tasting menu paired with Croatian wines. Tony but laid back vibe, located near a park.

Stari Fijaker – Traditional Croatian food. Dalmatia beef, venison stew, strudels.

Vinodol – Trendy, modern eatery in the center of town.

Have some Kuhano vino – which is heated Croation mulled wine. Warms you up on a cold day.

3. Museums

Museum of Broken Relationships – A tourist magnet but well worth it. We celebrate/commiserate life, death, marriage. But how do we process broken relationships? There’s lot of mementos in this museum from relationships gone bad. Like a light bulb a guy was holding when his girlfriend broke up with him (he left the house still holding the bulb that she wanted him to change).

4. Cemetery

National cemeteries aren’t usually on a things-to-see list. But Mirogoj Cemetery is a stunning display of architecture and history. Many important people are buried here, and you can learn about Croatia’s history by reading the tombstones.

5. Upper Town

Take the funicular from Lower Town to Upper Town where you’ll see St. Mark’s Square and St. Mark’s Church (currently closed to public) with great views of the city.

6. Dolac Market

Farmer’s market with fruit, vegetable, meat, flowers. Engage all your senses here and get a sense for the rhythm of the city.

7. Samobor

Take a day trip (~30 min drive) to Samobor which is a quaint town in the Sava River Valley. Treat yourself to Kremšnita or in English – custard slice. Light, fluffy, delicious. I had one and thought about having another. I should have.