Edition #50 – Yusuf Nasir answers 7 questions

by | Jun 29, 2023

1. Why are you a filmmaker?

I became a filmmaker because there is an ability to tell stories within the medium that I was not able to do through other art forms, primarily as a Dancer / Choreographer.

2. Who inspired your creative journey?

Many people. Although I could give the honor to my teachers and legendary entertainers, I would have to say my Uncle Louis from the time I was five.

My family didn’t have cable or a VCR when I was growing up, so I would go to my Aunt and Uncle’s House and they would record anything dance related on television.

I would get lost for hours, rewinding tapes to try and learn my favorite routines.

3. What is your editing routine?

For this film, I didn’t have an editor at first, so much of the editing was done by me screenshooting the entire raw footage on my phone then editing it in iMovie while mobile during my work breaks.

4. Why did you make this film?

Regret to Inform You
Directed by Yusuf Nasir

I made this film because I wanted to show different facets of myself and my experiences in entertainment that I felt compelled to showcased and dissect.

5. What were the biggest obstacles in making this film?

The one of biggest obstacle in making this film was to find the resources to make it when I essentially had little to no resources.

Luckily I had friends and colleagues that supported me whole heartedly. The other was finding people once it was done who believed in its merit that it could exist as a work of art that people could enjoy and appreciate.

That is beginning to shift and I’m grateful.

6. Who is featured in the film?

The film features and is centered around myself and Stephen Greist, who plays my agent, and the difficult day I’m having that he contributes to.

It also features 30 of the most incredible, star bound professional dancers Los Angeles has to offer!

7. Where may we find you online?