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By Dorie Pride

Liner Notes
By Kabir Sehgal

I’ve long thought of Dorie Pride not just as an acclaimed singer and songwriter. But a painter of words, someone who is able to imagine landscapes of sound and oceans of harmony. The words her easel, the page her canvas.

Of course, since antiquity, the archetypal poet-bard has entertained and enlightened many a generation. So, there is something deeply familiar in Dorie’s craftsmanship with words, lyrics, and poetry.

What makes her special is that her artistry is powered by an abiding warmth, generosity, and love. She affirms, “I am an artist, and I don’t live in a box. I choose to paint my life in colors of optimism and hope. I want to gather as many like-minded souls as I can to get out in the world and turn on the light!”

Words is a definitive meditation on love, light, and even some laughter. All made possible by the brilliant pairing of Dorie’s performance with Kamau Seitu’s production and arrangements.

The opening number “The Perils of Success” begins with pulsing percussion and rolling guitar lines. Dorie’s message is to heed patience, to keep on and stay the course. When you’re determined, you can manifest your aspirations. “Never Give Up” stays with the theme of patience and resilience. This upbeat number is an affirmative reminder that when you press on, the prize will be waiting for you. Kamau’s soulful guitar solo and riffs are a highlight of the piece.

Mike Tarpley’s soprano saxophone lifts “Fear Lies” to greater heights. This lyric is particularly revealing: “When you see through the tangled web beguiling the senses. That is when you clearly see what it really is – Deception.” Here we have Dorie piercing through the veil and letting in the sunshine of truth. The syncopation of “No Time for Fear” is enough to get you nodding along. When you add Dorie’s powerful performance, this may be the hit single of the album. “When I look around me, trouble’s all I see.” The song takes on consequential matters such as race,
justice, and ultimately, humanity. A powerful anthem for our times.

“Music – The Gift of Love” and “Love Conquers All” are beautiful life-affirming numbers. The first is an interlude from Dorie’s book Spirit Talk…Soul Walk. The later invokes the global tensions around us. Yet, “the force of love is gentle as a dove.” These are impactful words to remember and live by. “Lift You Up” and “Through The Eyes of Love” are groove-oriented pieces with feel-good pace and flowing rhythm. The latter is indeed an exercise of empathy: “Lookin’ through the eyes of live. I see you – Heaven sent from above.”

“Sunshine Over Paris” is also an interlude from Dorie’s book. This moving, eloquent ballad paints the scene of the City of Lights. A smile can be like a warm day in a beautiful place. The gift of one’s presence and one’s kindness should never be underestimated.

“Words” is the stirring title track. Also an interlude from Dorie’s book, this piece reveals the sway of words. They can lift, destroy, entertain and enlighten. Thankfully, Dorie has used her powers and gifts for the greater good She leverages words to their highest effect. Turning them from static text into beautiful and colorful lyrics that set the heart ablaze with hope and happiness.

As a fellow Georgian, I can testify that Dorie’s Words will stay on your mind and inspire you to



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