Why you (& all artists) need to use LinkedIn

by | Jun 28, 2024

I was initially reluctant to create a LinkedIn account.

Why would I want to share my resume with the world? Besides, I was working at an investment bank at the time which didn’t love us posting things about work on social media.

But after I left my job & started a record label, I started to see LinkedIn as a treasure trove of information on the music industry. A few senior executives at major labels and streaming services were sharing insights about the biz.

Why couldn’t I?

So, I started writing about music, art, and literature.

And I kept writing and writing, with over 100 newsletter editions.

And producing 100 live concert broadcasts.

The LinkedIn team encouraged me to keep going. Write what I know.

Last year, I was named a “Top Voice” presumably for my takes on the music & creative industry.

This is what can happen if you write about what you know and share insights with the world.


Feel like just another artist on Instagram or YouTube?

On LinkedIn, you can truly stand out.

With a billion users, you have an opportunity to capture attention.

I don’t see that many singers/poets/rappers/accordionists on my feed.

LinkedIn’s professional vibe means your work gets noticed by people who appreciate creativity.

Music industry execs, label heads, booking agents. We’re all here. Well, many of us.

In a LinkedIn feed dominated with memes on leadership and work/life balance, a clip of you singing actually stands out.

Even better if you can teach a skill or share how you made song.

LinkedIn is where people come to learn. Or at least I do.

So, show some behind-the-scenes of your craft.


LinkedIn is more than just business chatter.

It’s a treasure trove of knowledge. By sharing your insights and experiences, you help build an arts knowledge graph that benefits everyone.

Your contributions can elevate the arts community within the professional world.

I’d love to see more posts in my feed about music theory, how to book a tour, how to create a setlist.


Let me guess. You already have a LinkedIn profile for your day job.

Perfect. Share your artistic side more widely. Your LinkedIn connections might not know about your creative work. Showcasing your art can open up new opportunities and enhance your professional image.

But be careful: I get that your work colleagues/manager may not love that you are doing artistic things.

“Focus on your job! You spend too much time playing the guitar!”

So you’ll have to navigate the politics for yourself.

Or create a second LinkedIn account for your creative endeavors?


My kind of place

One of LinkedIn’s best features is its kinder, more respectful user base. People use their real names and care about their reputations, so the feedback is generally more supportive and constructive. This is ideal for artists looking for thoughtful feedback without harsh criticism.

LinkedIn is an untapped resource for you to shine, share knowledge, and engage with a supportive community. By leveraging this platform, you can expand your audience and enrich the artistic landscape.

Take the leap and start sharing your creativity on this platform.

You might be surprised by the opportunities that come your way.

I was. And now I’m all in.

Let’s keep building this creative industry ecosystem.

I’d love for you to be the next Top Voice.