Unwrap 3 Holiday Music Albums

by | Sep 18, 2021

I’m working on three holiday music projects.

1. The Greatest Gift: Songs of the Season 
By Alexis Cole

Listen on Spotify

Listen to the UNRELEASED bonus track here

This album was released in 2009. I was working with Alexis on another project, and we struck up a conversation about holiday music. We decoded to re-release her holiday music with a bonus track. The re-release will drop on November 5.

2. A Guitar Holiday
By Aaron-Larget Caplan

I’m producing Aaron Larget-Caplan’s solo guitar holiday album. We are working on which tracks to record. Check out the new album cover!


3. Peaceful Piano Holiday Music
I’m producing Manuel Valera’s solo piano album. We are also thinking about what tracks to record.

We will be recording the guitar and piano music albums in the next week. So we have to get on it!
I am listening to holiday music every night over dinner. My family thinks I am nuts. But they are used to me, hehe.


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