On NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts

by | Sep 18, 2023

NPR‘s Tiny Desk concerts have gone mainstream.

The Tiny Desk concert series has become a platform for pop artists to showcase their in-the-room musical skills and assert their performing prowess. Pop artists, such as Post Malone and Usher, use Tiny Desk performances to demonstrate their talent without lavish stage production and to reach a wide audience.

The format of the Tiny Desk series, with its focus on acoustic instruments and live performance, allows pop stars to present themselves as genre-transcending and authentic.

However, there are perils in this hybridity, as some performances may reveal a lack of depth and commitment to specific musical styles, causing songs to lose meaning and sound hollow.

I personally like the tiny desk concerts (see pictured) that feature jazz musicians. Bring the jazz club to the office…

When I hear people rave about Tiny Desk concerts, I encourage them to visit a local jazz club. There is intimacy and beauty when music is experienced in a small venue. Two of my favorites: Village Vanguard & Birdland – both in NYC.

Whenever we have a signature jazz music release, we like checking to see if Tiny Desk is interested in featuring the artist in a concert. In recent years, it’s gotten more difficult for indie artists to get booked. But I do appreciate how NPR does try to showcase different voices on its platform.

Bob Boilen, the creator of Tiny Desk, recently announced he’s leaving NPR in search of “new challenges.” Here’s hoping Tiny Desk remains committed to artists of sundry backgrounds. And that independent artists can still be featured in this charming corner of the Internet.

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