Remember Little Richard

by | Sep 25, 2023

Let’s not overlook Little Richard.

I first heard his music years ago at a Johnny Rockets in Atlanta and thought  – who is that?!

CNN’s documentary “Little Richard: I Am Everything” features Little Richard’s life story and his contributions to music as an innovative artist and cultural forerunner.

The film captures Little Richard’s captivating performances, percussive piano style and preacher’s swagger, and interviews from relatives, bandmates, lovers, and celebrities he influenced, such as Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney.

The documentary highlights Little Richard’s role in breaking boundaries in music by bringing together Black and white fans despite segregation laws and disapproving adults and his struggles with religion and his sexuality.

Little Richard broke down racial barriers in the music industry, particularly during a time of widespread segregation and discrimination. His success and impact as an African American artist challenged societal norms and opened doors for future generations.

Little Richard’s energetic and flamboyant performances, combined with his unique vocal style, marked a departure from the more conservative music of the time. His groundbreaking hits like “Tutti Frutti,” “Good Golly Miss Molly,” and “Long Tall Sally” demonstrated his raw talent and helped define the genre of rock and roll.

Overall, the film is a worthy tribute that explores the remarkable life of Little Richard who always struggled to liberate himself despite liberating others with his music and culture.

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