On stem separators

by | Oct 30, 2023

Good music is greater than the sum of its parts.

But what if you wanted to separate that sum into … parts?

I’m talking about stem separation tools. Another innovation brought to you by AI.

Load a song, press a button. Out comes the individual tracks (vocals, bass, drums, etc.) that made up the song.

These tools use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and separate different audio sources within a mixed track.

Users typically import a mixed audio file into the software and choose which specific stems they want to extract.

After the separation process is complete, the user can then manipulate, remix, or edit the individual stems independently. I like using stem separators when remixing a song. You know….Mozart meets Metallica.

Music stem separator tools are popular among musicians, producers, and audio engineers for remixing, remastering, creating karaoke tracks, and studying the individual components of a song.

These tools are made possible by using AI, machine learning. And they are only getting better.

Try these stem separators:
1. Serato Sample
2. Gaudio Studio
3. Acon Digital

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