On AI & Music

by | Jul 31, 2023

🎵 So, will AI replace musicians?

Not those who create the music I like to produce.

At least not yet.

Jazz, Tango, Samba, Classical, Alternative, Family, Worldbeat. 🥁

🛗 Sure, AI can churn out easy listening, elevator music, loops.

Music for almost any mood: happy, hopeful, romantic, dark. 🙃

Call me a purist, but the AI music I’m listening to seems a little…soulless. 😐

It’s too straight.

🔀I like my music with a little…surprise. A twist.

Not everything has to be in 4/4.

I don’t think AI is creating anything like Dave Brubek’s “Blue Rondo à la Turk” (in 9/8 & 4/4) – anytime soon.

Then there is the question: what’s AI anyway?

Are we talking – press a button and out comes music?


🤓 Plenty of music is processed through computer-aided tools like reverb, filters, auto-tuning.

There’s a strong likelihood the guitar you hear on your favorite song isn’t someone actually playing guitar but a virtual instrument.

A few weeks ago, I was brainstorming a new project with a friend. Maybe we should use AI for everything.

We investigated many AI-music websites/tools on the market.

Nothing earth shattering.

Nothing truly moving.

🎷 AI ain’t creating dynamic 20-part big band jazz arrangements.

At least not yet.

To be sure, AI is coming.

But we humans still have the edge on translating our emotions. 😭

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