How Kate Dillingham Manages 3+ Careers (Cellist, Teacher, Entrepreneur)

by | Jun 9, 2023

Meet Kate Dillingham. She is a multi-careerist based in New York. She’s an amazing cellist, and we’ve collaborated on music before. She recently launched a new business.

Kate’s Careers

  • Performing/Recording Artist: Cellist
  • Founder:
  • Producer, Artistic Director
  • Teacher

On her motivations for having many careers

Music is my passion! I seek to make the world a better place through the beauty of music. I have a great desire to share what I have learned from great artists and teachers and to pass down knowledge and experience that has benefitted me in my life to others.

I enjoy creating opportunities for musicians and other creatives to do what empowers them to express their talents.

On how long she’s had these careers

I started performing at a young age and starting teaching soon thereafter. I began presenting concerts and producing recordings as those opportunities arose and I started my company during the COVID lockdown in order to devise a way to continue teaching and performing. I’ve been active in my career as a professional musician for 35 years.

Advice to aspiring multi-careerists

The best advice I can give is to be open to new ideas, stay curious, practice everyday, and most of all, exercise patience and trust in the process.

On overcoming obstacles

The “stuff of life” often presents challenges in the form of personal relationships, needing to pay bills, health concerns, etc. It’s easy to be distracted by the “stuff.” I remind myself constantly that I am here on earth to express my given talent and if I need to quiet the noise and distractions, I go out in nature, meditate, take a time out. I know I have always the power to choose a different thought.


On how multiple careers are beneficial

I believe the many hats I wear or varied activities I am engaged in are aligned with my passion for living my best life. That best life is one where I am expressing my gifts, sharing them with others, feeling deep gratitude for the opportunity to do so, and thriving in that process.

On personal time

I make time for friends, family, pets, nature, and colleagues. I practice being present in every exchange and exercise my ability to listen. I try to always make it about them, not me.

On what she wishes she had learned earlier

I wish sometimes I had learned my meditation practice earlier in my career. I also wish I had understood the time it takes to build a network and support system a little sooner. But, it’s never too late to learn!

On what to read

Biographies of people who wore many hats. People l admire: JS Bach, L.V. Beethoven, Pablo Casals, FDR, E. Roosevelt, Pearl Buck, L. Bernstein, Edna St Vincent Millay, Oscar Wilde, John Marshall Harlan 1&2, Oprah Winfrey. I follow Alex Mathers on Medium. I like Brene Brown, Simon Sinek too.

On the stigma of having many careers

I think is pretty essential for an artist to have a lot of interests. I’ve never felt it was a stigma for me. It just requires good time management.

On sublimating ego

Playing music with others more often than not, requires sublimation of your own ego for the good of the music and the ensemble. The best players are those who can support and enhance the work of their colleagues and shine in turn. i think it’s the same in any work situation. Being sensitive to one’s environment without losing oneself is often the key to success.

On what to eat

I eat fresh, whole foods, mostly locally sourced and in season. Helps to maintain my energy and sanity! I try to avoid processed food, dairy and refined sugar.

A Day in the Life

My day tends to vary widely depending on the schedule

Essential activities:

  • coffee
  • meditation 2x per day
  • pet the cat
  • look at the schedule- take care of any immediate coms
  • prepare healthy food
  • practice (on my own) or rehearsal (with colleagues)
  • some sort of physical exercise
  • work on myblueskiesmusic
  • practice (on my own) or rehearsal (with colleagues)
  • teach my students
  • perform
  • connect with family/friends

Where to find Kate

Follow MyBlueSkiesMusic


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