How Kapil Arora Thrives with Many Careers (Finance, Author, Speaker)

by | Aug 10, 2020

Meet Kapil Arora. He is a highly motivated and driven multi-careerist. Based in Mumbai, he works at one of India’s fastest growing mutual funds. He is also a voracious reader who reads over 100 books per year and has authored two books on topics such as time management. In addition, he is a competitive runner who participates in marathons and even the Ironman Triathlon. We met on LinkedIn, and I think you’ll be impressed with his tenacity and discipline. I know I was.

Kapil’s careers:

  • Financial services – he works at one of India’s fastest growing mutual funds
  • Author – He has written two books
  • Speaker – Delivers addresses on time management
  • Athlete – Sponsored to compete in the Ironman Triathlon

On why he has many jobs

“I believe we are much more than a 9-5 job.

I always wondered if someone asks me ‘what do you do?’ – My answer should be thought provoking. It generally starts with ‘many things.’

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Advice to aspiring multi-careerists

“Learn how to manage your time well. Example: I read an average of 11 books in a month – 40 Minutes every day.”

On overcoming obstacles

“A lot of times, [my] presentations or articles have not been received by audiences as per my expectations. But every time I have learned something and that has made all the difference. Setbacks are inevitable, but one’s response to these setbacks makes all the difference.”

On how multiple careers are mutually beneficial

“When I visit a client for business, they look at me as a bestselling author and athlete, which means [they think that I am a] disciplined, well-read and informed person.”

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On managing personal time

“I always have breakfast and dinner with the family.”

On what to read about multi-careerism

On his future goals

  • Compose a running song – which should become a rage with all runners (working on this)
  • Getting featured on a TV cooking show (working on this)
  • Coach an underprivileged kid to become the best athlete in the country






A Day in the Life

4:55No alt text provided for this image am – wake up time

5- 5:40 am – reading (20 pages every day) on weekdays / Writing – 2 hours on weekends

6 – 7:15 am – work out (This is scheduled every day in advance)

9 – 6 pm – office work

6 – 7.30 pm – family time

7:30 – 8:30 pm – Second work out. Generally cycling and listening to audio books

8:30 – 10.30 pm – Dinner with family and wind up

Where to find Kapil


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