Hologram Band?

by | Oct 3, 2023

Could your favorite band live on as a hologram?

Real question.

Love me some ABBA…

The ABBA Voyage tour, featuring virtual avatars of the band members, is making over $2 million a week in ticket sales in London.

The show, which has already generated more than $150 million in sales and sold 1.5 million tickets, is one of the most expensive productions in music history.

ABBA Voyage’s success has created a potential model for other aging artists who want to continue performing for their fans.

The virtual avatars use motion capture technology and visual effects to create an immersive and visually impressive show, attracting a loyal fan base.

Recently, Mick Jagger hinted that the Rolling Stones could take part in a posthumous hologram show.

Which gets me thinking: who else would make for a good hologram show?

No doubt the production cost and logistics necessitates that the artist would need to be a serious draw.

Freddy Mercury in hologram? Elvis? Hmm…

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