Edition #43 – Allison Philips answers 7 questions

by | Feb 22, 2023

1. Why are you a musician?

It is hard for me to remember a time when I didn’t want to be a musician. I often think we don’t really have a choice in what we become.

I hope my music and playing makes people smile, or at least consider smiling. As I get older I also care more and more about inspiring and setting an example for future generations. Seeing is believing.

2. Who are your musical inspirations?

This varies by the year. As a young trumpet player I was super into Booker Little and Lee Morgan. These days I think I am most inspired- trumpet-wise by Ingrid Jensen and Ambrose Akinmusire.

Late Miles is also starting to be an active part of my listening. I also have always loved folk music, and indie rock. Tammy Wynette is fun, I love a good story teller.

3. What is your practice routine?

I practice every day, whether I like it or not. Ideally it is broken into two parts. An hour to hour and a half of technical routines, then whatever musically I am working on at the time.

This year I am also hoping to work more regular compositional practices into my routine.

4. Why did you make this album?

Placement and Longing
By: Allison Philips Trio

I wrote most of these songs at a very transitional moment in my life. I was about to leave Amsterdam, which had been my home for five years and move back to my original home, New York City.

I had missed out on certain important familial moments since I had been so far away, I also felt the need to document this closing moment of this chapter of my life. “Placement and Longing” is about not really knowing where you belong, having one foot on each side of the Atlantic.

5. What were the biggest obstacles in making this album?

Honestly, making the album wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was releasing it as an independent artist during the pandemic. We did quite well in the end with streams, but the hardest thing was the promotion, did we overcome it? Who knows?!

6. Who is featured on this album?

I am playing trumpet, solo electronics and wrote the music. Robin van Rhijn is on Drums and Alessandro Fongaro is on bass.

7. Where may we find you online?