Edition #9 – Lissa Coffey answers 7 Questions

by | Dec 21, 2021

1. Why are you a musician?

I started songwriting when I entered a contest in the 4th grade. I think writing and music have always been an essential part of who I am. In the 8th grade I turned a play into a musical, and I look back now and think this was a foretelling of how my life was going to be! This is my dharma, my purpose.

2. Who are your musical inspirations?

I remember listening to Beatles albums after school with my friends. Growing up I enjoyed Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. At the same time, I took piano lessons and studied classical music – so it was quite the mix of inspirations!

3. What is your practice routine?

I don’t have a daily writing routine, I go with the flow. I make sure I have plenty of meditation time to keep that flow going!

4. Why did you make this album?

Song Divine: The Bhagavad Gita Rock Opera
By Lissa Coffey, David Vito Gregoli

The Bhagavad Gita has been to incredibly inspiring to me, and I really wanted to share it with a larger, western audience in an accessible way. Luckily I got Vito on board – I couldn’t have done it without him. We made a really good team on this – I’m so blown away by how it all turned out.

5. What were the biggest obstacles in making this album? How did you overcome?

The pandemic was a big one! And then just life – moving, family stuff, job stuff for both of us. Song Divine was a huge undertaking, and it took us 3 years to write and record the songs. The lyrics provided us with enough encouragement and fortitude to keep going despite any obstacle.

6. Who is featured on the album?

Sonu Nigam, probably the most popular vocalist in India for the past 3 decades, sings “Know Who You Are” – the chapter 2 song. He’s AMAZING! Deepak Ramapriyan sings the Krishna role for the rest of the album. Alexander Perez sings Arjuna. Visvambhar Sheth sings the Sanskrit verses, and takes the lead on the Maha Mantra. We had musicians from India, and many great artists from here: Venu Bhanot, Kimberly Haynes, Neelamjit Dhillon, and more.

7. Where may we find you online?