Edition #13 – Claudio Ragazzi answers 7 questions

by | May 12, 2022


1. Why are you a musician?

I am one who believes that you don’t choose music and that  Music chooses You. In order to become a musician you need to have an obsession and need to live your life through rhythm,  phrases and harmonies, it is a constant state of being and very hard to turn off.

2. Who are your musical inspirations?

My two main musical references are Astor Piazzolla and Miles Davis. They both personalize two very important things to me as artists: Originality and Musical Legacy. They were both, in different styles of music, real fighters and true to their vision creating a new and unique style, one in Jazz and the other in Tango. They were also able to create a Musical Legacy consisting of a generation of musicians that followed and were influenced by their music and their path.

3. What is your practice routine?

I am a composer and a guitar player, so my routine is always divided into these two main activities, one informing the other. Every day my musical activities include: writing, composing, arranging, listening, analyzing as well as learning new repertoire and practicing my instrument. I also teach composition and that is very important to keep you on your toes.

4. Why did you make this album?

Tributes & Tangos
By Claudio Ragazzi Quartet

​In part I made this album to pay Tribute to my “Masters” and also to create and express new sonorities both in Jazz as well as in the world of Tango and Latin music. The reason or the need to become a composer is to create sounds that you hear inside you but that doesn’t exist in reality.

5. What were the biggest obstacles in making this album? 

​Both a challenge and a blessing in disguise was the pandemic. A challenge because it made everything harder and everything took longer than usual. A blessing because it gave me the time to be by myself working, focusing and writing the new repertoire that makes this album.

6. Who is featured on the album?

  • Claudio Ragazzi – guitars and compositions
  • Zahili Gonzalez-Zamora – piano
  • Dan Greenspan – bass
  • Steve Langone – drums

7. Where may we find you online?