7PS: Time Blocking ⌛

by | Mar 26, 2023

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Seven Point Sunday – March 26, 2023

⚡️ Productivity

Try block scheduling. Organizing your day into activity blocks for small tasks/broad goals. Use these apps: Tomato Timer, Google Calendar, Todoist, Edo Agenda, Toggl.

🙏🏽 Meditation

Listen to The Law of Least Effort by Deepak Chopra. Activate this law with subtle intention. Being requires no effort. Remind yourself: no regrets, no anticipation. Accept this moment just as it is. 

💰 Money

Consider Western Alliance (WAL). Investment bank UBS said that WAL is its top buy among 19 midcap banks: “We view WAL’s exposure to more volatile tech/ innovation deposits as manageable, and believe the company’s credit profile is fundamentally misunderstood.” Read this thesis.


📚 Books

Read Stop Overthinking by Nick Trenton. 23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter Your Mind, and Focus on the Present. Learn about time blocking and the Kanban Method, a means to improve the flow of knowledge work. 


🎵 Music

Listen to Shamanic Journey by Grayhawk. “As a child during the Vietnam War Era, playing the piano was my safe space,” he said. His album paints a rich audio/visual landscape. Favorite track: “A Tutu Pele Goddess.”

📽️ Film

Watch Tina directed by Ian Forsyth, Jane Pollard. With a wealth of never-before-seen footage, audio tapes, personal photos, and new interviews, including with the singer herself, TINA presents an unvarnished and dynamic account of the life and career of music icon Tina Turner. 

📷 Photo