7PS: New words 📙

by | Oct 16, 2022

This edition is 247 words and takes 1 minute to read.

On this day in 1758 lexicographer Noah Webster was born.

And…Merriam-Webster recently featured this word of the day: 

bombinate (verb) – to make a sustained murmuring sound similar to a buzz or drone.

I didn’t know this. But look out for it below 👀 

If you already knew this word, congrats you sesquipedalian.


Seven Point Sunday – October 16, 2022

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Matthew Mayer.  He is a corporate HR executive and solo pianist. “The more I do in my passions outside my 9-5, I feel makes me better at my day job.” His daily schedule: Workout, practice piano, pizza dinner, play cards. Listen to his new piano album. Beautiful melodies with no bombinating whatsoever! 


⚡️ Productivity

Check out Magical. Slash through repetitive tasks in seconds by teleporting data between your tabs. Move data from your open tabs to Google Sheets with one click. Supercharge your productivity as your computer bombinates along. 


💰 Money

Consider Verizon (VZ). You hear that falling sound? It’s the market tanking and bombinating a bit….but stocks are cheaper. Large telecom which trades ~7x earnings with stable earnings. The company recently boosted dividend and there may be a share buyback on the horizon. Shares yield ~7%. Check this thesis

📚 Books

Read Like a Rolling Stone by Jann Wenner. Rolling Stone magazine founder’s deeply personal memoir vividly describes and brings you inside the music, the politics, and the lifestyle of a generation, an epoch of cultural change that swept America and beyond. The age of rock and roll in an era of consequence, what will be considered one of the great watersheds in modern history. You’ll have more fun reading this book than watching your bombinating vacuum. 


🎵 Music

Listen to The Movement by Alphabet Rockers. First class children’s/family music with tremendous arrangements.  Kaitlin McGraw & Tommy Soulati Shepherd explain this album as “a soundtrack for a reimagined world of belonging and justice. We created this 13-song album with the children in our collective, and really want to spark listeners to connect their heads and hearts as we find unity in community.” My favorite tracks: “Get you a Friend” and “Power Up,” which begins with a bombinating sound.  

📽️ Film

Watch Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road directed by Brent Wilson. Documentary that looks at the career of musician Brian Wilson. Features Nick Jonas, Taylor Hawkins, Elton John. Machinate and bombinate on … I give up 🙂 


📷 Photo

 Peace be with you.