7PS: The Big Disruption is Coming… 👀

by | Jan 16, 2022

This edition is 388 words and takes 2 minutes to read.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here is to celebrating his legacy & sharing his wisdom. 



Seven Point Sunday – January 16, 2022 

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Troy Aikman. He’s not just a Hall-of-Fame Quarterback. He also founded a beer company. While he was in the NFL, he also owned a car dealership. I try to feature non-celebrities in this section, to show how having portfolio career is attainable. But Aikman’s takes are interesting: “When I objectively evaluate myself, I don’t think I’m great at many things…So what I’ve learned is to bet on people more than anything else.”


️ Productivity

Create a daily reading habit: (1) Choose 2 interesting books (2) set up a goal of say 15 mins per day (3) anchor your new habit around another habit. For example, if you eat breakfast everyday, schedule your reading after or before that. I like reading on a Kindle (not the app) because there are no other notifications.  


💰 Money

The big disruption is coming. The “Mother of All” Supply Shocks Lurks, as omicron sweeps Asia. Lockdowns will likely cause more disruptions, fewer shipments, more shortages in the West. Inflationary cost pressures will also drive up the cost of materials like lumber. Here is what Goldman Sachs suggests investors should do. 


📚 Books

Read Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner. This jazz pianist writes about how to achieve mastery on an instrument. But this book isn’t just for musicians but anyone looking to hone their craft. You may want to skip past his ranting about television at the beginning. Go to the chapters “The Space” and “The Steps to Change.” (Thanks ALC for tip!)


🎵 Music

Listen to Back to Love by Amanda Abizaid. A Lebanese-American singer & songwriter, Abizaid just released her new album of 7 songs. This is vivid, lush indie pop. A mix of original works and her rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep.” My favorite track is “With Your Love” (Arabic version). It’s not often you hear a mashup of English/Arabic lyrics with this pop aesthetic. 


📽️ Film

Watch Reopening Night directed by Rudy Valdez. Chronicles the behind-the-scenes story of the Public Theater as it returns to the stage, and shows New Yorkers and the world that despite everything, art and artists will always survive and indeed thrive. Uplifting. The power and importance of the arts in community building. 


📷 Photo

In honor of MLK Day. 
A book I wrote 12 years ago with my Godfather, Ambassador Andrew Young who was one of Dr. King’s top advisors.

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