7PS: Love me some gravy πŸ₯£

by | Jun 2, 2024

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Seven Point Sunday is like a low-carb meal:

Lean, clean, & keeps fluff off your plate.

But sometimes, you want extra deliciousness.

Sure, this format prevents word bloat.

Yet occasionally I can’t add helpful tidbits.

So, I’m introducing a Gravy section, where I’ll serve up hard-to-categorize, helpful morsels.

(I thought about calling it “Nota bene,” which is Latin for “note well.” But that’s two words. And we’re on a word diet…)

And who doesn’t like gravy?


Seven Point Sunday – June 2

πŸ’Ό Portfolio Career

Meet Wassily Kandinsky. Abstract art pioneer who began his career in law/economics. He transitioned to art full time, becoming a key figure in modernism and teaching at the Bauhaus school of design.

⚑️ Productivity

Consider Brave – Like Google Chrome. But without creepy cookies that follow you around. Pages load faster because blocked ads/trackers.

πŸ’° Passive

Consider Medtronic. Medical device company dividend ~3%. This thesis: “The largest pure-play medical-device maker is a key partner for its hospital customers, thanks to its diversified product portfolio aimed at a wide range of chronic diseases.”

πŸ“š Books

Read How to Read Water by Tristan Gooley. Dive into the hidden patterns & natural phenomena of water, from humble puddles to vast oceans. Unveils insights & practical knowledge that enable readers to decode the language of water, enhancing appreciation of the natural world.

🎡 Music

Listen to Proof of Life by Joy Oladokun. A tour de force that marries the tenderness of self-reflection with the boldness of anthemic folk. Her voice manifests nuanced storytelling. Favorites: “Sweet Symphony” feat. Chris Stapleton and “Keeping The Light On.”


πŸ’­ AI Prompt

Guide me in crafting a compelling backstory for a [specify details: song, poem, painting] I’m conceptualizing, which merges [insert details] with [insert details]. Help me weave themes from both into a narrative that adds meaning and depth.
​See output​

πŸ₯£ Gravy

​This company has paid a dividend > 200 years
​How to listen to full albums on Spotify​
​How screens affect your sleep​


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