7PS: What’s in a Prompt? 💭

by | May 26, 2024

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Some changes based on your feedback:

  • I added an AI Prompt section. You can copy-and-paste into ChatGPT to help with your creative projects.
    Tailor to your needs.
  • Film section is gone because it didn’t provide a ton of value.
  • I’m experimenting with a trivia & “wisdom photo” section.
  • I kept books & music.
    When machines become our overlords, we may need to offer them our earnest attempts at art!

What do you think of these changes?

Hit reply & let me know.


Seven Point Sunday – May 26

💼 Portfolio Career

Read The impossible life of making art & mothering. Late poet Tillie Olsen wrote “Too much life enters this house. Up at six, breakfast in shifts, lunchpacking — then, if no one ill, or it isn’t a holiday, or any of the other ORs, the day for work until four, sometimes longer or an evening.”

⚡️ Productivity

Consider Ilus – Get beautiful, stylistically consistent illustrations in minutes. If you want to depict a style that’s not available in the premade models you can train your own.

💰 Capital

Consider Starwood Property Trust. Diversified real estate finance company with a portfolio of $27 billion across its business segments. This thesis: “The trust’s 10% yield is expected to be safe in 2024 with a payout ratio of 81%.”

📚 Books

Read Spiritual Anatomy by Daaji (Kamlesh D. Patel). When thinking of wellbeing, we consider our physical & mental health. But there is a third system we often overlook. A journey to the center of consciousness to help you connect with your highest self through heartfulness meditations.

🎵 Music

Listen to Stampede: Vol. 1, by Orville Peck. South African singer/songwriter’s new album which features appearances by Willie Nelson, Allison Russell, & more. Peck’s repertoire honors the artists who most inspired him. Favorites: “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other” (written by Ned Sublette) & “The Hurtin’ Kind.”

💭 AI Prompt

Compose an email for [recipient’s name]. The email should serve as an update on [specific project or task name]. It’s crucial to encompass the key message points regarding [specific points]. Remember to attach the file [file name] from my documents, as it contains essential information.

See the result

📷 Trivia

Memorial Day used to be called this.

I salute my fallen sisters & brothers. 🫡

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