7PS: Bhangra🕺🏽

by | Oct 1, 2023

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Thanks to those of you who reached out. 😊 

Fall is here. I’m still wearing shorts. 

I yam what I yam.


Seven Point Sunday – October 1, 2023

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Stef Mariani. Musician, realtor, NGO founder in Hawaii. “By diversifying I am able to fund everything creatively myself.” Her schedule: journaling, meetings, getting in the water… Check her new music

⚡️ Productivity

Check out PaperKarma. Cut clutter. Regain privacy. Protect your loved ones from scams. Concierge service stopping physical junk such as catalogs, donation requests, etc.

💰 Capital

Consider Wallgreens Boots Alliance (WBA). Retail pharmacy operator. Dividend ~8%. The firm raised divy for 41 years. Trades below book value, and there may be 70% upside.


📚 Books

Read Bhangra Baby by Kabir (hi) & Suristha Sehgal. Mom & I release our 8th picture book this Tuesday. Bhangra Baby wants to dance, but he needs a chance… Luckily, his family and friends are ready to show him the moves. He joins the crowd and learns to step, hop, twist, and jump to the rhythm of the drum. Before long Bhangra Baby has the moves down and is ready to bhangra!  

🎵 Music

Listen to A Nuyorican Tale by Carlos Henriquez. Bassist and bandleader’s new album is personal and profound. Fusion of his Puerto Rican heritage and NYC life. Favorite tracks: “Afro Monk” & “Ritmo 53.”


📽️ Film

Watch The Romantics directed by Smirti Mundhra. The cultural legacy of iconic Indian filmmaker Yash Chopra who is regarded as the father of romance in Indian cinema. Features Bollywood starts Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan.


📷 Photo

Baile Baile!