7PS: Fireworks 🎆

by | Jul 2, 2023

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🏀 A basketball champion articulated the way I feel about producing music. 


Seven Point Sunday – July 2, 2023

💼 Portfolio Career

The pros/cons of having 2+ careers. Pursue passions, more income streams, flexible schedule; less social time, more expenses, time management.


⚡️ Productivity

Consider Ribbo. Learns from your docs, website content, blog, and other sources to generate a chatbot that answers questions within the context of your data. 

💰 Money

Consider Gilead. Biopharmaceutical company that focuses on researching and developing drugs. Shares trading below fair value estimates. Dividend ~4%. This thesis.


📚 Books

Read The Conquering Creative by William Warren. “Any creative person who wants to make a living doing their creative thing must not only be good at their craft, but also good at the BUSINESS of their craft. This doesn’t come naturally to most creatives,” he says. Terrific guide that features several sketches by author.  

🎵 Music

Listen to Waltzes for Weekdays and Weekends by Eric Schorr (with working link!). Gorgeous solo piano meditations perfect for every summer day & night. My favorites: “Friday Waltz” & “Sunday Waltz.” 

Bonus Music

Listen to Three Kids Music by Jose Gurria’s Gurrisonic Orchestra. Dazzling & varied orchestral compositions/arrangements by renowned composer. Favorite tracks: “Oso” & title track.  


📽️ Film

Watch Regret to Inform You directed by Yusuf Nasir. Why are our fantasies so far removed from our reality? An imaginative short film that shows what happens when artist doesn’t get the role.


📷 Photo

Now you know.