7PS: Less but better 📈

by | Jun 4, 2023

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Should I write a new book or not? That is the question. I think I have a good premise but I don’t want to become a maniacal groundhog. 


Seven Point Sunday – June 4, 2023

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Orianne Dutka. Lawyer, novelist, mom. “Early in my career, I did not realize that dual careerism was a legitimate option.” Check her daily schedule: morning run, shower, work on novel, go to post office, wordle…

⚡️ Productivity

Consider Restore Photos. Use AI to restore your blurry photos.  

💰 Money

Consider a high yield savings account. US Bank offering ~4%. Here’s the 101 

📚 Books

Read Essentialism by George McKeown. I love this book. What is essential? Eliminate everything else. It takes courage to say no, erect boundaries. Stop celebrating how busy you are. People think I’m busy. But I have 0 meetings on my calendar. 


🎵 Music

Listen to Rock Rewind on a Steinway by Michael Gallant. Well known songs recast and beautifully arranged by a gifted pianist. Thoughtful and elegantly rendered. Favorite tracks: “Light On” & “Lightning Crashes.”


📽️ Film

Watch Virunga directed by Orlando von Einsiedel. A team of brave individuals risk their lives to protect the last mountain gorillas.


📷 Photo

It’s all beans.