Will the writer/actors strike result in more interest in documentaries?

by | Jul 18, 2023

🤔 What’s one upshot of the writers & actors strike?

👍🏽Perhaps more demand for documentaries.

The linked article raises valid concerns that studios aren’t rushing to acquire docs. Indeed, it’s tough out there for indie doc makers. 😤

Here’s the key quote:

🗣️ “If this thing drags on for six to eight weeks, it may be an opening for the streamers…to say, ‘We need some product. Let’s reach out to these documentary people who are pitching us. It might happen. We will see,” says Sam Pollard, a noted documentarian.

I’m already starting to see this happen in my corner of the industry. 🔭

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve learned of several music documentary projects that were languishing receive increased interest from streaming services. 🎵 🎞️

I’ve also seen interest increase in a couple of my documentary projects.

“Hey, Kabir, what’s going on with…?”

Look, I’m all for writers, actors, and creators getting what they deserve.

✅ Higher wages

✅ Higher royalties

✅Potential protections regarding A.I.

But as the strike continues, a few more docs may be coming to your screens. 📺