Will country radio play Beyonce?

by | Mar 4, 2024

Beyoncé has gone country.

But will country radio play along?

I sure hope so…

Beyoncé’s release of the country-infused single “Texas Hold ‘Em” has raised questions about whether country radio stations will play her new songs.

Initially, a local country radio station in Oklahoma rejected a fan’s request for the song, but due to viral backlash, they later added it to their playlist.

The response from country radio as a whole remains uncertain, with major radio conglomerates and Sony Music Nashville yet to comment on their plans.

Some reporting country stations have played the song in news programs, while KBAY in San Francisco has included it in regular rotation.

Beyoncé’s move into the country genre challenges existing industry norms and raises questions about race and the limited success of Black women in country music.

Beyoncé’s expansion into the country genre could potentially broaden her fan base and spark discussions about genre boundaries.

The success or failure of “Texas Hold ‘Em” on country radio will be closely watched as it reflects the evolving music landscape and the changing perceptions of artists exploring new genres.

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