What can Hollywood learn from the music biz?

by | Oct 23, 2023

What can Hollywood learn from the music biz?

Share data!

When I release a song, I know how many streams it gets. The platforms tell you…

When I release a film, it’s difficult to find out…

Taylor Swift and other musicians rely on valuable data to promote their work in the music industry. However, actors and writers in the film and TV industry lack access to similar data regarding viewership on streaming platforms, hindering their growth and innovation.

Music has successfully adapted to the digital age by utilizing streaming, digital and physical sales, airplay, and other music data to make informed creative business decisions. This data-driven approach has allowed artists and labels to evolve their release strategies and tailor their marketing campaigns to audience demand.

The lack of transparency and data asymmetry in the film and TV industry limits the control and insight actors and writers have into audience demands for their content. Access to comprehensive viewership information would empower these individuals and level the playing field between streaming services and creatives.

There is a need for a singular, trusted, and objective source of information that can be accessed by all parties in the film and TV industry. Accessible data for everyone would not only empower artists but also allow production and distribution companies to build business models based on accurate forecasts and create a healthier ecosystem overall.

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