The vinyl revival has gone mainstream

by | Nov 27, 2023

The vinyl revival has gone mainstream.

It was bound to happen. Where there is money to be made, the large players will gather…

The vinyl revival, now in its second decade, is attracting buyers across generations, genders, and genres. 25-34-year-olds in America are buying as much vinyl as the over-55 age group.

Pop artists like Taylor Swift and Travis Scott are selling significant quantities of vinyl records, with Swift selling almost 1 million copies of her album “Midnights” on vinyl.

Vinyl albums have reclaimed the top position in the physical music format market, with Americans purchasing 43.5 million vinyl albums in 2022. The market is expected to be worth $2.8 billion by 2028.

While independent record shops were crucial in leading the vinyl revival, major music industry players have now taken over, using vinyl releases to boost profit and prestige for star acts. This has resulted in limited production capacity and longer turnaround times for smaller artists.

But WHY vinyl?

1. Sound Quality: Vinyl records are believed to provide a warm and rich sound quality that many audiophiles appreciate. The analog nature of vinyl playback, with its subtle imperfections and nuances, can add depth and character to the music.

2. Ritualistic Experience: Playing vinyl records can be a more immersive and tactile experience compared to digital music. From carefully selecting a record to delicately handling it, setting up the turntable, and gently dropping the needle, it becomes a ritual that some people find enjoyable and nostalgic.

3. Art & Liner Notes: Vinyl records often come with larger album covers that allow for more intricate and visually appealing artwork. Additionally, they may include detailed liner notes, lyrics, and other information that provide a fuller context and connection to the music, enhancing the overall listening experience.

4. Collectability and Tangibility: Vinyl records have a certain allure as physical objects. They can be collected, displayed, and passed down through generations, creating a nostalgic and sentimental value.

5. Slowing Down and Appreciating: Listening to vinyl forces one to slow down and engage with the music more actively. The limitations of the format, including the need to flip the record and listen to it in its entirety, can encourage a deeper connection and appreciation for the music, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in the artist’s intended experience.

As jazz fan, I’ve always enjoyed vinyl…

John Coltrane – BlueTrane

Ella Fitzgerald – Ella at the Shrine

Ramsey Lewis – Mother Nature’s Son

But now I can also enjoy these…

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Snoopp Dogg – The Doggfather

Alessia Cara – In the Meantime

What do you listen to on vinyl? 🎵

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