Stef Mariani Crushes Careers (Music, NGO, Real Estate) AND Lives in Hawaii

by | Jun 22, 2020

Say aloha to Stef Mariani. She is an accomplished multi-careerist who balances a career in the arts with also working in real estate. And here’s the kicker: She lives Hawaii. Yep, she has it figured out: exploring her passions with a hyphenated career and doing so on an island.

Stef’s careers

  • Recording Artist & Owner, Klever Kitty Productions – She releases her own music and also writes and produces commercial jingles.
  • Realtor, Keller Williams
  • Founder & Director, Stay Gold Hawaii (Non Profit Organization)

Her motivations for having many careers

“The 2 companies I founded as well as my real estate operation give me the opportunity to provide massive value to my communities in assisting others to reach their goals. I am also a transformational coach and help those I interact with to shift their mindset, giving them a more satisfactory outlook on life. I personally fund everything I do, and therefore I keep the rights to all of my work and have complete control over how they are used. By diversifying I am able to fund everything creatively myself. Also I provide my services free in certain cases, so I have to work hard to balance out my financial portfolio.”

How long she’s had multiple careers

“Music writing, performing and production – all my life. I come from 3 generations of composers and commercial jingle writers. Real estate – 15 years. I was a Remax real estate company owner and broker before I came on with Keller Williams where I service close friends and family real estate needs in Hawaii.”

Advice for having multiple careers

“You have to figure out what is the most important to you and constantly check in on your priorities to be sure you are in balance. I eat, sleep, and breathe my work because at this point — I am simply sharing who I am and what I’ve been doing all of my life with others. So I don’t really have to think about the work itself.”

On overcoming setbacks

“I had to get clear with myself about how I wanted to spend my precious time. I had to move around my real estate business to create a team and train them to do everything except what they can’t do. I was then able to leverage myself to put my heart into what I really love which is helping people change their mindset, providing support and giving to my communities.”

On managing personal time

“I make sure to get outside almost every day here in Hawaii and to spend quality time with the people in my life. This has meant turning everything off for the day, which was hard at first, until I learned that people will adapt. And I need it to stay balanced and healthy so I have more to give to others.”



Something she wish she had learned earlier

“I had to learn how to balance my time…that meant learning how to just do what only I can do and to train and delegate others to do the rest. I currently have an amazing real estate team, an incredible administrative assistant who is literally my quarterback, and an outstanding group of board members on my non profit who I can all count on. I wish I’d known how to delegate sooner — and not try to do everything.”

On sharing about one career with colleagues she has at her other careers

“I keep [my careers] separate — although my real estate broker would probably like for sales to be the focal point of my life. They understand though and wholeheartedly support me and my team at Keller Williams in my music production ventures and non profit.”

A Day in the Life

6:30 am – rise and journal for 2 hours.

Check in with my real estate group and team leader. Meet with my administrative assistant to line out the day.

Develop the presentation and education materials for Stay Gold Hawaii and train artists in the program and collect their testimonials and reports.

Speak to sponsors about the program.

Go outside in the sun and preferably get in the water.

Back to the office to make calls and respond to inquiries. I also spend a considerable amount of time learning from my mentors and training for what is to come.

I typically drop into bed every night and immediately pass out. Happy. And I sleep like a baby.

Where to find Stef Mariani

  • WebsiteYouTubeLinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram
  • Spotify – listen to her album Stay Gold which won a Na Hoku Hanohano Award in 2018.
  • Stay Gold Foundation – she started this organization based on requests from her community. It helps to pay the rent of professional artists who are experiencing setbacks because of the pandemic. The organization also helps to “reposition artists by discovering their true purpose,” as Stef puts it.
  • Real Estate


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