How Raj Khetarpal thrives with 2+ careers (HR consultant, Career Coach)

by | May 28, 2022

Meet Raj Khetarpal, a multi-careerist who is based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2017 Raj established a Coaching and an HR Consulting practice. We met via LinkedIn and share similar taste in music. Find Raj’s insights below on how he evolved into a portfolio careerist.

Raj’s past careers

  • Event Management
  • Tea Plantation & Production Manager
  • Hospitality Worker
  • Community Corrections Officer
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Human Resources Manager

Current careers

  • Career Coach, Recruitment & HR Consultant

On his motivations for many careers

From the very start of my career, I found myself in roles driven to help, support, and enable others. The various roles I have performed over the 3 decades of my work life have fulfilled and furthered that to a greater extent.

Some of the opportunities I took up during my journey were unplanned, and in hindsight, they enabled me and acted like stepping-stones.

Along the way, I was greatly assisted by not losing sight of my target, even if the role I had taken up seemed like a major deviation from the path I wanted to be on.

In 2017, I embarked on my consulting practice with a portfolio of work that inspires and motivates me. Do what I do well and enjoy, with people I like, and it has been a liberating experience.

Advice to aspiring multi-careerists

Start with thinking deeply regarding and arriving at your purpose. Throughout don’t lose sight of your goals and mission. Adopt a long-term horizon approach.

Above all, take it one at a time, so that your portfolio career does not resemble a large construction site.

Above all, make sure you leave room and energy for fun, friends, and family.

Overcoming Obstacles

Never give up! Overcome obstacles through grit, positivity, and perseverance. It is infectious!

Get good advice, ultimately trust your instinct, own your decisions and back yourself. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. That’s where the great learnings and lessons are waiting to be discovered.

On how careers are mutually beneficial

In my experience, each role prepared me for the next one I was taking on. No skill gained over the very diverse ever has gone unutilized. They are all useful and beneficial and have led me to have fulfilling experiences.

On balancing work & life

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
–Mark Twain

Something he wishes he had learned sooner

Paid more attention to the above Mark Twain quote. I knew about it for years, before I took the courage act on it and commenced on formulating and designing my Consulting practice.

Overcoming the stigma of multiple careers

Find like-minded and supportive people. They are out there. Endeavor to understand the naysayers. Ultimately, discover your inner voice. Trust and follow it.

Recommended learning

Get better at storytelling, focus on self-awareness, enable others, and practice gratitude.

Keep it simple. I am a visual-auditory learner; I particularly enjoy learning via Ted Talk’s.

Here are a few I find eternally inspirational:

Where to find Raj


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