My productivity manifesto for 2024 📝

by | Jan 5, 2024

I think a lot about productivity.

And I relentlessly try to optimize my schedule so that I’m spending my time on what matters most to me.

It’s the beginning of the year, and I usually go underground and work.

Before I do that, I want to share with you how I think about my life & commitments in case it can help with your journey.

My priorities for 2024

    • Family
    • Record Label – My label had over 100+ releases in 2023. We already have 60 releases scheduled for 2024.
    • Music – I’m releasing music as an artist this year.
      Producing music & dealmaking come naturally, so I tend to overload on helping other people’s projects. But I also have to take time to work on my own craft like practicing classical guitar.
    • Meditation – I’m releasing several meditation music projects with established and emerging artists in this space. And sticking with my habit of meditating at least 10 minutes per day.
    • Content – I write my regular Seven Point Sunday every week. I find so much joy in sharing ideas and tips with others, and helping them with their own personal growth.

      I’ve written for almost 3 years. Mom & I started a Monthly Bucket email that we send to educators/parents about our children’s books and Indian culture (recipes, study guides, etc.)

    • Reading – I read ~10 books last year, which is low for me. But I read books that I enjoyed (I used to read only books on a topic that I was researching). I want to continue reading for pleasure.
    • Military – My ongoing commitments as a US Navy reservist
    • Investments – Checking my active & passive investments
    • Writing – I’m releasing a new children’s book this year. I’m also thinking about writing my next non-fiction book.
    • No Meetings – I take pride in having 0 meetings on my calendar. If someone needs me, they’ll call me.


My key productivity hacks

At the beginning of every year, I go on a social media & news diet. It can last several – like 6 to 8 – months.

I make the time to get my stuff done.

When someone tells me they’re too busy, I ask them to show me their screen time.

    • Deactivate my Instagram, Facebook accounts.
    • Delete these apps from my phone: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. I don’t check Twitter anymore.
    • I stay on LinkedIn because their creative team is lovely, and we partner to create/spread content.
    • I use the app Freedom to limit how often I check the news or certain sites – like LinkedIn or ESPN.
    • It takes me 3 to 5 days to break my addiction of checking my notifications.
    • I don’t watch TV.

Do I get FOMO? No. I have JOMO. Joy of Missing Out.

I enjoy being in the zone and working towards flow state.

Plus, I’ve spent years being in the scene and being more conscious about building my brand.

I post on social media platforms when I have something to share or announce (like my forthcoming music projects).

Social media is a great leveraged way to share something with a large audience. But the attention economy addiction that comes with it isn’t for me – at least not during my creative period.

I just want to compose and write these days.

So, you’ll find me on ProTools, Ableton, and in the writer’s studio.

Dreaming, creating, and doing.

Let’s go.