On streaming rights

by | Feb 19, 2024

Does your favorite restaurant illegally stream music?

There’s a pending lawsuit that has many asking the same question.

The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, under new management by Apollo Private Equity, is facing a $264 million lawsuit for illegally streaming songs via YouTube at its karaoke lounge.

This case highlights the issue of unlicensed music usage in businesses and commercial spaces, with nearly 78% of small to midsize businesses in the US misusing music.

There is a lack of understanding about music licensing, leading to rampant misinformation and confusion within the industry.

Businesses need to obtain permission from copyright owners if copyrighted music is played in public or common areas.

There are a few companies that help businesses secure the correct rights. For example, Soundtrack Your Brand, a background music service, can provide licenses representing a full catalog of music and protect against unwarranted use.

The misuse of music can result in fines ranging from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars, in addition to potential damage payments to copyright holders.

The music industry has to do a better job of communicating about usage rights and potential losses by music creators and rights holders.

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