The Nikola Jokić Philosophy for Music Producers

by | Jun 20, 2023

Why do I enjoy producing music? 🎵

NBA Champ Nikola Jokić said this:

🏀  “Assists make 2 people happy, points make only 1 happy.”

Watching him play during the NBA finals, I noticed how this superstar was pass-first.

⬆️ He was trying to elevate the team. ⬆️

What he said about assists resonated with me.

🎤 I think of producing as a way of helping, serving artists.

You know, an assist.

🤝🏼 Partnering with them, helping them elevate their craft. 🎻

No, I’m not the Jokić of music. Far from it.

But his philosophy strikes a chord with me.

When you shine the spotlight on others, the glow comes back on you. 🌠