In defense of bass players

by | Aug 7, 2023

Growing up, everyone wanted to be a guitarist.

(I’m pretty sure this is a guitar emoji 🎸….)

🎵 My friends were joining bands left and right.

And nobody wanted to be the bassist.

But everyone needed a bassist.

That’s partly why I became a bassist. I wanted to be part of the band. 😊

But, if you’ve ever heard Jaco Pastorius play the bass, you’d probably be inspired like me.

I played the bass. And I played and played and played. I played every kind of music: rock, country, polka, symphonic, gospel. 🎺🎸🎹🎻🥁🎷📯🎶🎵

Very few people go to a concert to listen to the bassist.

But when a bassist isn’t there, everyone notices.

🔍 Hmm…something’s missing.

That feeling. That warmth. It’s like there’s a hole in the soul.

The low end isn’t there.

That rumble in your tummy. 💫

When you play the bass – an instrument that supports other people – you meet a lot of different people throughout life.

Put aside the musical metaphor.

When you actively listen to others, you’ll be in high demand. 📈

Check out ➡️ This story about Carol Kaye, a bass legend.

Her story has readthrough lessons for anyone trying to make it in the world.

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