How Quintin Gerard W. Manages 3 Careers (Artist, Claims Adjuster, Realtor)

by | Jan 25, 2021

Meet Quintin Gerard W. He’s a terrific recording artist who released his album Cleared for Takeoff last year. That he enriches the world with his creativity is a gift to us all. What’s also remarkable is his ability to handle multiple careers. You’ll find his example below both entertaining and enlightening. He describes the necessity of having many careers.

Quintin’s careers:

  • Recording artist
  • Claims adjustor
  • Realtor

On his motivations for many careers

“I wouldn’t say that I’m ‘motivated’ to have multiple careers. I just simply have to wear many different hats out of necessity. Scarcity in the music business motivates one to seek out other financial opportunities to supplement and/or finance the musical objectives, goals, and desires in which you are trying to achieve.”

On how long he’s had many careers

“I have been pursuing a professional music career since 1989, and I became a Claims Adjuster in 2013 and Realtor in 2012. So, I’ve been wearing different hats for quite some time now which allows me to obtain and maintain the standard of living which I so desire.”

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Advice to aspiring multi careerists

“I would encourage others to pursue all endeavors which they feel would benefit them somehow, but not for just financial reasons. I truly believe that helping others should determine what opportunities you consider getting involved in; simply because there is more self-fulfillment gained by doing it this way rather than just doing it for the money.”



On overcoming obstacles

“Setbacks come in all shapes and sizes. ‘Time’ is the self-manifested expression of who we are, and when you have multiple engagements or occupations pulling at you from every direction it ‘time’ becomes very difficult to manage. You overcome this by being detailed oriented, efficient, and you must be or become very organized! Also, you must have a clear vision of what it is you are working towards and what goals you are trying to achieve to stay on course because ‘Time’ is of the essence and your greatest commodity, asset, or enemy.”

On how many careers are mutually beneficial

“Multiple careers have benefitted me in ways in which having only a music career could not. Multiple careers give you the opportunity to earn additional income, purchase a home, buy a car or multiple cars, meet people you would never run across in the music business, and also decompress from music itself. It is very refreshing to ‘get out’ of the studio sometimes and use the other side of your brain once in a while! Multiple careers also help you finance the things that the limited income in music can’t afford. So, in the end it all seems to work synergistically for me.”

On managing personal time

“At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many records/CD’s/albums you sell or how famous you are. You still have to make time for those around you every day and manage your studio time, work requirements, appointments, and holidays with precision. This is done through communication, planning, and scheduling around personal time set aside for family and friends. Communication is the key, especially when there will be long periods of commitments to new projects, deployments, or traveling.”

On overcoming the stigma of having multiple careers

“I don’t believe in ‘today’s world’ there is a stigma, unlike years ago, simply because people are finding it more and more difficult to survive on one income. Just look around your neighborhood and you can see the effects of the lack of resources and cash flowing into communities all across America. People are getting out of their comfort zones and are fully aware that pension plans are a thing of the past, and 401K’s may or may not be there when you need it. That is the driver for people starting internet businesses, flea market business, having garage sales, and taking on Temp Work just to make ends meet, so NO — I don’t believe there is a stigma there at all. Actually, these days it’s almost an assumption that everyone has a ‘side hustle.'”

A Day in the Life

“My day actually is planned out the night before! I find contemplating and visualizing what ‘tomorrow’ looks like prepares you in advance, thus allowing you to make corrections and decisions on the fly as they present themselves with minor adjustments. Just as it is important to prepare for a live performance, it is also important to prepare for the next client or policyholder meeting as well. Clothes pressed up, bags packed, car gassed up, GPS already programmed, and leaving early are all little things that, when done consistently, prepares me for a successful day and career!”

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