How Mahesvari Autar Manages 2 Jobs (Communications Officer and Entrepreneur)

by | Jan 11, 2021

Meet Mahesvari Autar. She works as a communications officer for the municipality of Rotterdam, Amsterdam. At the same time, she is an entrepreneur who started her own theatrical production company that stages incredible performances. That she’s able to manage both careers speak not only to her multiplicity but capacity to plan, prioritize, and execute. You’ll surely find her commentary below both passionate and inspiring.

Mahesvari’s careers:

  • Communication officer for the municipality of Rotterdam, Amsterdam
  • Founder, DesiYUP, a theater production company

On her motivations for having many careers

“My two passions are communications and organizing events. In both careers I’m able to express my drive for connecting and engaging with people. I share meaningful stories and music. As a communication officer I work on social-economical related issues such as employment. I firmly believe that work gives dignity and freedom to people. And as a music patron, I emphasize the importance of arts and culture and give hidden gems a platform to showcase their talent.”

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Advice to aspiring multiple careerists

“This is the beauty of being a human. We carry so many identities within us. There is no need to limit ourselves. We are so talented. All we need to do is explore our talents and believe in ourselves…If you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible!”

On overcoming obstacles

“Now with Covid-19 the cultural sector is in a bad space…Due to the pandemic all my concerts and festival were cancelled. When I realized that nothing can be organized this year I took a couple of months off. I just analyzed the situation. There was, after all, no point in panicking. I decided to use this ‘free time’ to develop the corporate identity of DesiYUP further and create more online content. For example I produced a documentary Shades about skin colour discrimination. I was still visible as an entrepreneur, still engaging with my audience, but I also took the time to digest my losses.”

On how many careers are mutually beneficial

“My expertise as a journalist helped me gain visibility for my company. When I organize a concert I use storytelling as a tool to promote my events. And since I’ve worked in the media, I know how to communicate with journalists. And being a communication officer helped me to work out a wide range of communication products for DesiYUP. And since I’m so passionate about arts & culture…I was asked to be a communication officer for the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. If I had no affiliation with music and if I had no skills in organizing events I don’t think I would be considered for this international event.”

On managing personal time

“My multiple careers are intertwined with my personal life. The majority of my friends circle work in the creative field, in the media, and are artists or have their own business. Therefore I’m always surrounded, even in my personal life, with people with whom I work or share my passion for arts. And I have a handful of family members that I’m in touch with. They understand that I’m emerged in my work, especially my mom. She is extremely proud that she raised an independent daughter…who knowns exactly what she wants in life and in her two careers and isn’t afraid to say that she is ambitious.”

On overcoming the stigma of having many careers

“Yes, there is a stigma if it comes to running your own business and also receiving a monthly paycheck….So they easily assume that organizing events is my hobby. No, it’s absolutely not! My hobby is reading. That’s an activity that involves zero financial investment or any responsibility towards a theatre, artists, and audience.”

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A Day In the Life

  • 6.30 – Wake up, hygiene is very important to make a fresh start, thus first take a shower, brush your teeth and dress up!
  • 08.00 – Morning walk, I recommend everybody to take a short walk (even if it’s for 5 mins). It energizes you and you can clear your thoughts.
  • 08.30 – breakfast, Earl Grey tea + bread.
  • 09.00 – 19.30 this differs for me, every day I have a complete new schedule. I go with the flow I start early and end my day late…and luckily both my careers are extremely flexible. As long as I get the job done — at the end that’s the only thing that matters.
  • I sleep early, around 22.00 PM. I go to bed and read a couple of pages of a book.



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