HBR selects “2 careers”​ article as one of 30 most influential in 100 years

by | Jun 14, 2022

So, what do you do? 🤔

Do you ever have trouble answering that question?

I know I do.

“Well, I’m an investment professional. But I also write and & make music.”

😐 Blank look.

Or the inevitable:

“So, how do you pay the bills?”


😴 “How much do you sleep?”

In 2017, I wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review:

Why You Should Have (at Least) Two Careers

Almost on a whim.

It took me like forty-five minutes or maybe an hour.

I’m not saying that to brag.

Believe me – I’m written my share of long research articles that end up as major duds.

But this one was different.

It was easy to write because I was essentially making a diary entry about my life.

How I structure my time & connect the dots.

🍌 The article went bananas. 🔥

Thousands of people reached out with feedback.

Whenever HBR reshares the piece, I get a wave of DMs.

Mostly positive, some critical.

📖  Today, in a new book, HBR says it’s one of the top 30 most influential in its 100-year history.

HBR at 100: The Most Influential and Innovative Articles from the Harvard Business Review’s First Century

The book drops today.

You’ll find Peter Drucker, Clayton Christensen. Tim Brown.

And my little article as one of the 30 in this august volume.

Chapter 10.

I suppose the article hit a chord with the many (I presume millions) who do more than one thing.

🤓 They *want* to be overemployed.

And they bristle at “Do one thing. And do it well.”

What if you want to do a few things?

Life is short.

💀 Memento Mori.

This new book helps to legitimize what I call the “portfolio career” movement.

When people reach out, they often ask me how to get started.

1. Check out my blog where I feature 60+ individuals with portfolio careers.
Learn how these folks structure their days. 📅

2. Check out my Seven Point Sunday newsletter that provides 7 ideas on how to begin (productivity hacks, financial insights, music/film suggestions).

📥 Or DM me.

No, a portfolio career isn’t for everyone.

But if you’re feeling trapped or not living up to your potential in your current occupation – there may be another way.

Join us on this journey! 🙏🏽