How Constanza Boix manages 3+ careers (Corporate Exec, Startup Founder, Mom)

by | Jul 22, 2022

Meet Constanza Boix. She’s a multi-careerist based in Uruguay.

We met over LinkedIn after she read my 2 Careers HBR article.

Right away, I was impressed with how she handles her multiple professions with dexterity.

Constanza’s Careers

  • Mom (2 girls) and wife
  • Chemical engineer (I haven’t practiced in the past 12 years)
  • Chartering manager in multinational corp.
  • Co-founder and executive director of NudaProp
  • Speaker in global events and podcast
  • Entrepreneur, mentor, and mentee

On her motivations for many careers

  • Connect to my passions and purpose
  • Continue learning process
  • Curiosity
  • Amplify my networking
  • Contribute with and to others

Advice to aspiring multi-careerists

Don’t let your mental limits stop you for trying different activities.

Whatever you do with passion — let it surprise yourself…

On overcoming obstacles

My own mental limits sometimes let me think that it’s not possible to grow and accomplish great results in all activities. But then I settled on my own definition of success for each path and…I realize that it’s possible!

There are moments where I think I cannot do it, but I overcome with the support of my family (I make a great team with my husband) — and also with my friends and colleagues. I share my concerns and look for advice.

On how careers are mutually beneficial

My corporate career is the way to be financially sustainable for my family and my startup. Also, I keep continuously learning and contributing within a big company, developing more skills also applicable for my other activities.

My startup (cofounded with my friend from childhood), is the way to contribute to a better world. It fills my spirit with the social impact. It also benefits me in terms of knowledge and networking. I sometimes joke that it’s a continues career of live-MBA with revenue.

On finding balance

The best strategy is having great teams for each activity.

It also helps to work from home twice a week, to reduce commuting and be more present with my family.

The “house team,” together with my husband we provide love and care to our girls, and have the support from a great nanny.

I also work with a great “corporate team.”

The “startup team” is made with my great business partner, and we also have an “entrepreneur team” that is composed of high potential woman entrepreneur that is a great source of inspiration and help.

On something wished had learned earlier

Would have been better to know in advance that there are a lot of people that also choose this lifestyle, so I don’t feel so strange in the corporate/startup world.

I’ve been always very transparent about these two careers…

Overcoming the stigma of multiple careers

Yes, bosses or stakeholders may have a prejudice about people with multiple careers. Sometimes they tend to think that we lack of focus and also cannot be high performers.

There isn’t much to do with that mentality, rather than showing the results as facts, showing that it might be just a bias and nothing else. People who are motivated and connected with their passion are more productive.


On how to sublimate ego at the day job

Making the great tasks or the boring/banal tasks is part of the daily routine. It’s part of my responsibilities, so it doesn’t affect any ego.

Right now we are living a revolution of technology in terms of automating the repetitive/non added value task. I’ve already started the path career for digital transformation to be able to reduce these kinds of tasks.

A Day in the Life

5:07 – 5:30 AM – Wake up and drink 0,5lt water and start to work for NudaProp.

6:30 to 7:30 – Twice a week work, Breakfast (Milk, coffee and toast)

8:00 – Morning logistics, Kids at colleague + Husband CrossFit

9:00 – 18:00 – Chartering manager at corporate activity

18:00-20:00 – Executive director in my startup.

20:00 – Mom and wife 🙂

Where to find Constanza


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