Edition #28 – Brian Carter answers 7 questions

by | Sep 28, 2022

1. Why are you a filmmaker?

First and foremost I consider myself a musician who uses film as a visual accompaniment to my music. I’m a story teller who uses whatever devices speak to me in a given moment.

2. Who inspired your creative journey?

My dad is a musician and my first teacher. He put a pair of drumsticks in my hands at the age of two and I began taking violin lessons at the age of 3. I grew up during the “MTV TRL” television era and have always loved the relationship between music and film. I have so many heroes and I’m deeply influenced by a wide plethora of films from MGM Musicals to Disney to Michael Jackson Music Videos.

3. What is your editing routine?

My editing process is almost identical to my music arranging/orchestrating process. I tend to be the most focused and creative between the hours of 12am and 6am –what my mom describes as “jazz hours”. I storyboard whenever possible and always attempt to finish a draft in one session. I find that it’s most effective to “edit without judgment” and revisit for refining and adjustments.

We also have a couple vocal harmony rehearsals per month. I also consider physical fitness a contributor to creative fitness and so run, walk, cycle and/or go to the gym for an hour+ every day.

4. Why did you make this film?

“You and I” was born out of my desire to create a “coming of age” story from the perspective of a jazz musician. We don’t see many coming out stories within the genre.

5. What were the biggest obstacles in making this music?

Time was biggest constraint. We shot the entire fifteen minute piece “on location” in Los Angeles over the course of two days. It was exhausting, but I couldn’t have asked for a better cast and crew.

6. Who is featured in the film?

Colton Williams (director), Jeremy Roth-Rose (Jeremy), Lia Cubilete (Ms. Jackson), Bryan Carter (self)

7. Where may we find you online?