Seven Point Sunday #9

by | Jul 4, 2021

Independence Day is a time to reflect on the great Americans who have shaped our country.

Congressman John Lewis was surely one. I knew him for most of my life, and I’ve missed him since he passed away about a year ago.


I was blessed to work with him during his last months on a book of his final reflections. It comes out July 13.

Carry On: Reflections for a New Generation – By John Lewis with Kabir Sehgal


  • He shares wisdom on justice, faith, courage, character. ☀️
  • He discusses personal topics like his favorite music, sports, and milkshake flavor. 🥤
I hope you’ll pick up a copy. To remember him, is to ensure that his legacy endures.

Sunday Seven

💼 Portfolio Career
Peter B. Williams has a full time day job at an investment bank in Hong Kong. Yet he still writes books, produces podcasts, serves on non-profit boards, and has a family. Peek at his daily schedule to see how he fits in everything. And check out his impressive book reading list.

⚡ Productivity

Try timeboxing. Migrate your to-do list onto your calendar. A to-do list can be daunting. It’s not easy deciding what to do first, and we tend to start with easy things. Instead, give yourself a fixed period to complete a task, schedule it in your calendar, and then complete it. “This may be the single most important skill or practice you can possibly develop as a modern professional,” a consultant writes in HBR.


💰 Money

Consider Oatly (Ticker: OTLY). I made the switch to oat milk a couple years ago and so have millions of Americans. It’s the second most popular plant-based milk (after almond). The global oat milk market size is projected to grow almost 10% a year until 2027. Oatly had its IPO at $17 in May, and shares surged to $28 in June. Shares have since dipped below $24 which may be an udderly great time to enter. Howard Schultz (former Starbucks CEO) is a large shareholder, too. Learn more about Oatly.


📚 Books

Read Carry Onby John Lewis with Kabir Sehgal. Indeed, Lewis was a paragon of the Civil Rights Movement and political leadership for decades. A hero we won’t soon forget, Lewis was a beacon of hope and a model of humility whose invocation to “good trouble” continues to inspire millions across our nation. In his last months on earth, even while battling cancer, he dedicated time to share his memories, beliefs, and advice—exclusively immortalized in these pages—as a message to the generations to come.


🎵 Music

Listen to Transformation by Ted Nash & Glenn Close. The iconic actress curated the literary material and spoken word performances, adding her voice to selections with her signature gravitas. In co-imagining the project, Nash is the quintessential partner. His compositional prowess assimilates and morphs almost any concept into unforgettable music. The most poignant tracks are “Dear Dad/Letter” and “Dear Dad/Response” in which Eli Nash discusses his gender transition. His father, Ted, responds with a moving piece. The album’s spoken word special guests include Wayne Brady, Amy Irving. I’m proud to be involved in this project.


📽️ Film

Watch Miss Americana, directed by Lana Wilson. It’s a revealing, behind-the-scenes documentary about Taylor Swift. I was especially interested in how Swift grapples with politics, and whether to speak out on certain issues. The film is well shot, edited, and rendered. Watch my interview of Lana, and learn about her fascinating filmmaking career, and how she makes the most of her daily walks. 


📷 Photo

What’s your favorite point?

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