7PS: The Age of Leverage 💪🏾

by | Apr 10, 2022

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Seven Point Sunday – April 10, 2022

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Matt Syret. He has been an archaeologist, investor, and trader. One of his rules to live by, “I don’t say no to requests for homework help from my kids.” Check out his daily schedule. 


⚡️ Productivity

Use Firefox or Chrome. People who use these browsers are better employees. That’s what the research says. This is what your internet browser says about you.


💰 Money

Consider Sherwin Williams (Ticker: SHW), which makes and sells paint. The stock has sold off this year, but the home repair sector still has room for growth. The company recently increased its dividend about 9%.

📚 Books

Read The Almanack of Naval Ravikant (compiled by Eric Jorgenson). Naval is a philosopher-entrepeneur who started AngelList. Naval explains the types of leverage: (1) labor, (2) money, (3) code/media. “Forget rich versus poor, white-collar versus blue. It’s now leveraged versus un-leveraged,” he observes. How leveraged are you? Are you renting your time for wages or are you using your time to build real wealth? Great book full of useful, crisp nuggets. 

🎵 Music

Listen to When We Fight by Kabir Sehgal (hi!) featuring Ariana Savalas. I produced this ironic breakup song with synths, backbeats, and metal sounds to contrast with the levity of the lyrics. Savalas, who is an emcee on Postmodern JukeBox, totally inhabits the song.


📽️ Film

Watch Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time, directed by Robert B. Weide, Don Argott. Recounting the extraordinary life of author Kurt Vonnegut, and the 25-year friendship with the filmmaker who set out to document it.


📷 Photo

The cost of bad customer service. I feel like you know this already…


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