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by | Jan 14, 2024

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Winter teaches us to appreciate the simple joys in life.

Like finding the perfect cozy spot on the couch…

And refusing to move until spring.


Seven Point Sunday – January 14

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Matt Levy. Composer, teacher, engineer. “I had to step away from music for many months to get a handle on things, and learn to accept a different way of hearing.” His new project: Mending Wall.

⚡️ Productivity

How I lessened my phone usage from 5 to 2 hours per day using this app. I use this extra time to practice guitar, read books, and write blog entries like this one.

💰 Capital

Consider B. Riley Financial (RILY). A full-service middle market investment bank. Dividend ~17%. This thesis.

📚 Books

Read Walk in My Shoes by Andrew Young & Kabir Sehgal (foreword by President Bill Clinton). Andrew Young was an aide to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ambassador to the United Nations, Congressman, and Mayor. He’s also my Godfather. We wrote this book in 2010. Tomorrow is MLK day, an especially good time to remember the wisdom of elders. My favorite 7 points from the book (it’s ok to stumble, jobs-jobs-jobs, don’t become the Good Samaritan…)

🎵 Music

Listen to A Better Way by Bklyn Global featuring Bashiri Johnson. Feel good, upbeat vibes to inspire & motivate you in the new year. “I usually practice and work on what feels uncomfortable to play, until it feels comfortable for me to execute.” Favorites: “Bless Up” & title track.

📽️ Film

Watch Kurt Cobain About a Son directed by AJ Schnack. In this visual essay style documentary, journalist Michael Azerrad‘s interview with Kurt Cobain is played over more recently photographed footage of Cobain’s Washington state homes and haunts.

📷 Photo

Uncle Andy & me at the National Press Club in 2011

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