7PS: Beat the Heat 🥵

by | Jul 15, 2023

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Once there was a guy who was changing a light bulb for his girlfriend who informed him that she was breaking up with him. He left her house while holding the light bulb. 

You can see said bulb & more at the Museum of Broken Relationships (& 7 other things you can do in this city). 


Seven Point Sunday – July 16, 2023

💼 Portfolio Career

Meet Matt Levy. Composer, teacher, engineer. “I had to step away from music for many months to get a handle on things, and learn to accept a different way of hearing.”


⚡️ Productivity

Consider Glimmer. Transform your text & voice requests into visually compelling presentations. 

💰 Money

Consider Danelfin. AI-powered stock picking. Type a stock on the home page form, get instant analysis. 


📚 Books

Read An Immense World by Ed Yong. We encounter beetles that are drawn to fires, turtles that can track the Earth’s magnetic fields, fish that fill rivers with electrical messages, and even humans who wield sonar like bats. 

🎵 Music

Listen to Drums Without Boundaries by Paul Wertico. Master percussionists combine instruments & bend genres with lyrical performances. Favorite tracks: “Alchimia” & “Sicily.”


📽️ Film

Watch Nas: Time Is Illmatic directed by One9. The story behind Nas’s groundbreaking debut album ‘Illmatic, ‘ and the early life of one of the most talented rappers of all time. Featuring Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Q-Tip, and Busta Rhymes.


📷 Photo

Be cool.